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SymbioDynamics® Creator – Terence Watts

SymbioDynamics® is headed by its creator, Terence Watts an educator and presenter with an international reputation.  Terence has a number of accolades to his name including the recently bestowed MCGI – Member of the City and Guilds Institute.  Terence is the first recipient in the psychotherapy field to be awarded this prestigious honour anywhere in the world and was presented due to his innovative disorder therapy work. Terence has written several books and specialist training courses and created the highly successful ‘Warriors, Settlers & Nomads’ therapeutic methodology.  He has a profound belief that the brain and mind are designed to be used to maximum capacity and that most people only utilise a mere fraction of their natural capability.  It is this belief that led to the ‘birth’ of SymbioDynamics® and M.A.G.I.C! for Minds®, both designed to help harness the astonishing potential for success that is part of every human being’s birthright. Early in his therapist career, Terence became aware that it was not just the individuals who were able to think positively who achieved their goals – in fact some of those failed miserably – but those who were able to create a ‘balance of being’ that became so instinctive that they did not even need to think about it.  Early research into this phenomenon of natural success showed that it was not just material achievement that people could find but great improvements to emotional and physical health, too.  But that was where things got tricky; it was not easy to discover exactly what those ultra-successful clients were actually doing, for the processes were invisible, deep in what might be considered as the purely instinctive part of the subconscious mind.

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