Corporate Team Work

Symbiodynamics Corporate Team work

If you are a CEO or head of a department which would benefit from increased productivity and teamwork, we have exactly the right methodology to help create rapid and deep-seated change.  Our technology is quicker and more accurate than psychometric testing, yet is able to inspire and uplift individuals or whole work units. For any company or corporation to remain competitive in today’s market place, one of the most important facets is the cooperation between individuals in any one department is Teamwork. And it’s not just that, because like a chain, a team is only as strong as its weakest link and a competitive environment can create the biggest success-killer of all time… Symbiodynamics Corporate Team work could just be the answer you are looking for.


Unadmitted stress can be the cause of any or all of the following symptoms, symptoms which can seriously hamper not just individual performance but that of the whole team:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Self-destructive behaviour
  • Over-indulgence of food or alcohol
  • Poor sex-life
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Poor sleeping patterns
  • Always tired
  • Forgetfulness/poor concentration
  • Absenteeism

Render those symptoms absent in each member of a business team or department and productivity, be it innovative ideas or tangible goods, are bound to increase.  It is a fact that many people in the corporate environment do not feel able to admit they are suffering from any of these difficulties, yet it should be obvious that even if only one member of a team is affected, the efficiency of the entire team is compromised. ‘A SymbioDynamics® session’ provides the perfect opportunity for an individual to ‘off load’ without ever having to own up to the fact that there was ever a problem in the first place.  One session can make major improvements; two sessions can create a spectacular change and totally revitalise an individual, empowering them to work more effectively and with more energy and purpose.

SymbioDynamics & TeamWork

SymbioDynamics® can be used in a group setting or individually; when used in a group setting it can provide huge enlightenment as to the source of any dissent between members of the team.  Such enlightenment can and does create a closer-knit working environment in which each member becomes aware of their importance to the whole, aware of their ability to play a vital part in the direction of a company or department.  Essentially, it increases the sense of individuality and individual purpose and highlights the importance of the individual resources to the success of the whole. In this way, the team’s quest becomes their quest; the team’s success becomes their success. If you are a CEO or the head of a department and you know there’s a need to increase output and quality of output, then SymbioDynamics® is worth investigating.  We can work with total confidentially with individual personnel or we can address an entire department to inspire a tighter and more productive work ethic between team members.  It is even possible that we can help you to reassign briefs, capitalising on individual skills and resources which might currently be left unexploited – SymbioDynamics® can often reveal previously unrecognised talent.