Symbiodynamics® M.A.G.I.C! for Minds®

The “M.A.G.I.C! for Minds® methodology can help develop your potential to the highest level you can achieve.  It is just one of the aspects of a dynamic approach to life improvement that makes success – whatever the success you seek – so easy to find. M.A.G.I.C! is an integral part of the SymbioDynamics® experience.  Working from a totally logical base, you will be able to hone your goals to perfection and discover the most effective way to employ the exact resources that you need to achieve your aims.  More than that, it can alert you to the reason why past plans may not have turned out the way you wanted and actually use those experiences to ensure success this time around. 

Here is a simple yet little realised truth:

“The way you do anything is the way you do everything,”

Understanding that truth and employing the expertise that you can acquire from its acceptance can empower you in ways that you might never have dreamed possible.  You already possess resources that are totally natural to you and can get you exactly what you seek… but it is extremely likely that, unless you are already where you want to be in life, you have used some of them in such a way that they are contra-indicators for success. An Awesome Thought It is something of an awesome thought that the outcome of every single thing we do, from playing a single note in a tune all the way up to taking a country to war, starts with just a single thought that is controlled by three major psychological attributes from the very moment of its conception.

The M.A.G.I.C! system

M - Motivation

Motivation – the essential element of all success stories and yet so often not properly thought through or focussed in the right direction. Many plans ‘fall over’ at this stage simply because of a lack of belief or foresight. We get you past this first hurdle so easily you will scarcely recognise that it even existed!

A - Allocation

Allocation – the second important stage where you allocate the resources you will use to achieve your goal – we help you make sure that the resources you will use are the right ones for you personally.

G - Generation

Generation – This is the stage where the ‘big picture’ is formed – the skeletal foundations upon which success will be built.  All too often, this stage is passed by as we begin to focus on the finer details too early.  We help you lay solid foundations at this stage.

I - Imagination
Imagination – the work of imagination is immensely powerful.  It must remain unfailingly positive at all times, yet allow you to be aware of any possible pitfalls that most be avoided or overcome.  Our Registered Practitioners are all expert in developing the insight and intuition that is vital here.
C - Co-operation

Co-operation – establishing a state of cooperation between conscious and subconscious thought process is absolutely essential.  This is the stage that, it if does not exist automatically – and most of the time it does not – makes success sometimes elusive, sometimes all but impossible.

! - Stop! Think! Test !

! Stop! Think! Test!– the final stage in the creation and implementation of your strategy and the part where, if anything is less than perfect there is plenty of opportunity to make whatever adjustments are needed.


M.A.G.I.C! For Minds® is the title of an e-book which you can purchase from any of our Registered Practitioners and which will show you how to use the process for yourself.  You can even book a free Introductory Session to make your success even more assured.