What is SymbioDynamics?

SymbioDynamics® utilises a central logical structure identified by the acronym M.A.G.I.C! to ‘feed’ three major processes of the subconscious. The name is derived from: Symbiosis a process of mutual benefit, normally between discrete organisms but here between processes of thought.  In nature, we see a typical symbiotic arrangement where small fish feed on food fragments caught between the teeth of bigger fish; both benefit, one from feeding, the other from the removal of debris from around the teeth.  The symbiosis we seek here creates a mutual benefit between three thought processes that will, in the normal way, frequently create a stalemate that blocks progress. Dynamism – SymbioDynamics® is not a ‘static’ therapy; it takes great account of the particular resources and energies and even the gender of the individual. The entire SymbioDynamics® experience’ seeks to create an effective balance, or symbiosis, between the three major psychological processes of thought that are vital for success.  Many might wonder at how only three processes can be so important, yet they are truly all that is needed to ensure the successful implementation of that most important and inexorable of the three, Change.  Change will always happen, no matter how hard you try to resist it… and SymbioDynamics® gives you the opportunity to manipulate it so that it works completely in your favour.

The Number 3

The number ‘3’ has always been considered as something of a magic number throughout history.  Many people consider it to be a ‘lucky’ number – and mathematically it is actually referred to as the first ‘lucky’ prime.  If, though, you would prefer to see a scientific explanation of the sheer importance of ‘3’, try this:

  • There are three basic states of matter: Liquid, Solid, and Gas.
  • There are three basic chemical reaction substances: Acids, Bases, Salts
  • Three substances are metabolized for energy: Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins
  • Light is comprised of the three primary colours of Red, Blue, Green
  • The Earth itself is divided into three components – Core, Mantle, Crust
  • We perceive everything in three dimensions

Probably the most basic of human reaction states are Fight, Flight, Freeze

No matter whether you are scientifically/logically orientated or lean towards the mystical and/or esoteric, the number ‘3’ will mean something important in your psyche, such is its intrinsic power.  SymbioDynamics® embodies a powerful process that entrains the logical mind; it is certainly not reliant on esoteric input or the mysteries of manifestation or the law of attraction, though these processes can provide an excellent starting point from which we can take over and finish the job. This is a totally flexible methodology and whether you prefer a logical and analytical approach, or one that is more spiritual and focussed upon universal rules which affect all of us, SymbioDynamics® fits the bill. Contact one of our Registered Practitioners today to find out more about how we can help you to greater success than you might ever have dreamed of.